MALUCHA Maschinenbau + Stanzautomaten-Service

Updating punch press automats

Apart from repair, maintenance and complete overhaul of punch press automats we keep your machine inventory in a state of the art by targeted updating of individual components.

Control systems independent of manufacture

Updating of used machines includes thereby new control systems for obsolete electronic roller feeds, punch press automats and eccentric presses. Control systems which are no longer available can be replaced by control systems which are independent of make and performed on the basis of Siemens S7.

Advantages of updating punch presses

The advantages of a sustainable update are quite obvious:

  • The value retention of your existing machines is extended
  • Productivity even of older machines is sustainably increased
  • More complex programmes can also be used
  • Control becomes increasingly lighter, faster and more convenient
  • The life of your press punch automats is extended

There are many factors in favour of a sustainable updating. Please contact us and we will show you how to update your punch press too.