MALUCHA Maschinenbau + Stanzautomaten-Service

Advantages of regular punch press automat maintenance by a specialised company

Of course it does not always have to be a complete overhaul of your punch press automat. Regular maintenance by a specialised company has several advantages:

  • Your productivity is not interrupted.
  • Your idle time is minimised. Thus you will be an even more reliable partner for your customer.
  • You avoid expensive repairs resulting from poor maintenance.
  • You extend the life of your automat. Therefore the investment, for example in your eccentric press is more advantageous.

Our punch press service – one-stop service

As service provider for punch presses with over 25 years experience and added spare parts service we will undertake the maintenance of your entire machine inventory and, in case of necessary repairs, we will present a competent damage assessment. From this optimal repair suggestions or updating suggestions can be finally derived for all punch press automats.

Companies with vision for the future decide in their own interests on regular maintenance of their machine inventory. Contact us today and make an appointment for a consultation.