MALUCHA Maschinenbau + Stanzautomaten-Service

Increase your productivity with completely overhauled punch press automats and presses

It is not really necessary today to buy a new machine. A complete overhaul can make old punch press automats comparable to new ones.

Repair and updating of punch press automats and eccentric presses is above all a question of know-how. With our over 25 years experience and many satisfied customers worldwide you can be assured that you have found the right specialist. We perform complete overhauls for all punch press automats and eccentric presses, for example machines of the makes RASTER, Kaiser, Haulick+Roos. We will gladly strip down and reinstall at your location.

In the case of a complete overhaul the worn parts are replaced and defective structural components repaired or replaced as necessary. Complete overhaul includes work on the following assemblies:

  • Eccentric shaft and lift setting system are reworked according to their condition and fitted with new bearings and seating wedges. Thereby all fits are reduced to new minimum values.
  • Tappet guides are reworked. This includes re-milling and bedding or replacement of round guides. The tappet surface is re-milled to assure an optimal bed surface and thus protect tool life.
  • Pneumatic und lubricating pipes are replaced.
  • Brake systems and clutch systems are overhauled.
  • New drive systems for the main drive are installed where required. Automated tappet settings, feed systems and clamp systems are updated.
  • Old controls are replaced completely by a modern control system independent of make on the basis of the Siemens S7 including control cabinet.

Due to the CE conform design in all facets of press safety and the option of colour finish according to customer’s request, Malucha completely overhauled punch press automats are of extremely high performance and are in no way inferior to new machines.

The high quality Malucha machine overhaul is preferred today not only by medium sized companies but is adopted also by many renowned corporations.