MALUCHA Maschinenbau + Stanzautomaten-Service

Company History

MALUCHA Maschinenbau und Stanzautomaten-Service was founded in 1992 in Schützingen and today still belongs to the company which is principally technically inclined.

The specialist for punch press automats and eccentric presses

The founder and engineering master tradesman Axel Malucha and his employees have more than once in the past thirteen years proven themselves as service suppliers for repair, service, maintenance and overhaul as far as total updating and general refurbishing of punch press automats and eccentric presses of various makes and thereby established an excellent reputation for the traditional enterprise.

In this respect it is clear that new customers come into contact with the specialists for punch press automats as a rule through recommendation.

Experience, courage and excellent contacts

The many years of experience of the engineering master tradesman, the enterprise, headed by the proprietor, especially with regard to the RASTER brand was able to further establish itself and further expand in 2003 by relocating to Illingen.

This was also a result of Axel Mulacha’s career. He did his technical training with Raster in Ötisheim and was engaged in field service at the age of his early twenties. A great deal of his 25 years of experience in press punch technology, forming and automation and a large number of good contacts in the industry and with manufacturers of various presses stem from this period.

Experience, know-how and the so important contacts in the industry make us today the specialists for punch press automats and eccentric presses and assure our customers exceptional workmanship.